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just a thought!

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Writings

Misha Gordin
while i was walking in the valley of lonely hearts..
while i was singing an old, old song…
while i was breathing the air of an early october that smells like an old door in an empty house..
i heard desperate steps following my hopes and dreams..
i saw hungry eyes, staring above my shoulder to see what’s it all about…
i felt the envy, the creed and the pain in their souls..
i wondered.. i hesitated.. then i faced!
no, wait…
poor is the man..
“i will not look back again”, i said to myself..
and i looked back again..
and i smiled!
poor is the man..
“just take a good look”, i told one lonely heart..
but that heart was no longer a heart..
and that soul just floats in that early october day..
and an old man said: “don’t bother”
and i never looked back again!

Wael Koubeissy